Security Systems

X-Clear AM

The full black X-Clear AM theft prevention systems operates at 58 Khz. A solid acrylic structure is supported by high-end, thin aluminium profiles. The slim base makes the X-Clear AM theft prevention systems one of the thinnest EAS systems in the market today.

It is a powerful, cost effective and user-friendly system packed with tons of features.

The X-Clear AM can also be equipped with optional, integrated with features like:

  • Remote service: direct insight into system performance & reduces maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Booster-bag detection

Connected system
As with all the MTC AM systems the X-Clear AM EAS system also has the option to be equipped with a TCP/IP module, making it a connected IoT system.

AM tags and labels
EAS Europe has a large range of AM accessories like fashion tags and security labels for a wide variety of uses in retail situations to work side-by-side with the X-Clear AM Series ensuring outstanding performance.

Included featuresOptional features
Advanced ani noise algorithmsSilent alarm through app
Jammer alarmInternet connectivity
Near tag alarmBooster bag detection
System active status
Energy saving Green Mode
Aisle event identification
Relay output
Programmable sound and RGB light
Tuning software
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