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5 reasons why RFID technology is beneficial for retail.

In the last couple of years, particularly in the retail sector, RFID technology has gained a lot of popularity and momentum.

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What is RFID technology and why companies use it?

RFID is a powerful tool. It improves efficiency, accuracy, and security, while reducing operational costs.

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What actually is traditional EAS and how does it work?

EAS is an effective solution for retailers looking to prevent shoplifting and protect their inventory. 

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Best practices for preventing shoplifting

By following these best practices, retailers can reduce losses due to shoplifting and create a safer shopping environment for their customers

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The impact of online shopping on retail security.

Online shopping is changing the retail landscape in many ways. However, it is also having an impact on retail security.

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RFID: the basics explained in 10 simple questions

These 10 questions provide a good starting point for understanding the basics of RFID technology in retail stores.

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