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Random Selector

Did you know: as for where the shrink occurs the most, in last year NRF report, respondents said that more than a third (37%) of shrinkage was external theft, including organized retail crime. The report found that retailers attributed more than a quarter (28.5%) of shrinkage to employee internal theft.

The SECURE-IT Radom Selector makes it possible to carry out an inspection without regard to the person and preference, for example on the bags of employees who leave the premises after work.

The SECURE-IT Radom Selector has a kind of built-in electronic dice. By pressing the button, this determines whether the green or the red light comes on, this interval is adjustable.

The Random selector comes with a full set of mounting material, making it a ready to use product straight out of the box!

Dimensions:116*70*26 mm
Power:2x 1.5V Alkaline batteries
Function:Internal/employee theft prevention
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