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RFID pedestals

The Optimum RFID pedestal is a loss prevention system based on RFID UHF and solidly build in our Optimum antenna profile. It comprises a pedestal with RFID antennas, an embedded reader, controller and alarm optionally combining EAS and RFID functions in one system.

Optimum RFID detects the tagged items that pass between the pedestals, verifies if those items have been paid (Cloud service needed), and triggers an acoustic and/or visual alarm if any item has not been paid. This RFID pedestal solution can also work stand alone, alarming only when an RFID tag is passing its field.

Fewer pedestals at wide entrances

Optimum RFID pedestals comprises a primary unit and a secondary unit:

  • The primary unit has an integrated reader, a controller, an alarm, a visual alarm indicator and antennas.
  • The secondary unit comprises antennas and visual alarm.

Optimum RFID pedestals includes configurable parameters for minimizing false alarms.

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