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Shoplifting with booster bags is a daily activity for organized retail crime gangs. Booster bags can also be covered as many different types. Organized retail crime gangs are building the booster bag very creatively; baby strollers with no babies, jackets, bags and regular clothes.

Although booster bags are the most common used tool used for shoplifting, most retailers are unaware of the problem. The reason is that booster bags are made by professional shoplifters and the actual theft does not leave any traces: no opened tags, no cut pins – only empty shelves and empty hangers. The solution can easily be combined with Magnet Detection for fitting rooms.

MetalGuard features:

  • Metal detection: detects all booster bags, both build as bags, jackets, pockets and baby strollers.
  • Door filter: The door filter allows installations starting from 70cm away from the moving door. This will eliminate any false alarm from moving doors.

Benefits of using MetalGuard:

  • Detecting booster bags at entrance, before the booster bag is used for theft
  • Deterrence and avoiding organized retail crime gangs (ORC) in the retail shopping environment. Often metal detection is placed behind traditional EAS security systems at the entrance of the store
  • Avoiding employee confrontations with organized retail crime gangs

The ROI for the retailers, is in general less than 12 months. Less than 5 booster bag apprehensions, will match the cost of a Metal detection installation.

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