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ApparelGuard is installed using small high gloss black antennas in the fitting rooms.

Premium magnet detection for fashion retailers wanting to identify magnets in the fitting room area.

ApparelGuard features:

  • Magnet detection: Detection of  all magnets.
  • Double detection: Double detection allows the retailer to chose between 2 detection modes, to avoid any false alarms from handbags, shoes etc.
  • Small high gloss black antennas: Wall mounted antenna, produced in high gloss black material, to welcome a high-end look/feel for fitting rooms.

Benefits of using ApparelGuard:

  • Detecting illegal magnets at entrance to fitting rooms, before the magnets are used for theft
  • Deterrence and avoiding organized retail crime gangs (ORC) in the retail shopping environment
  • Minimizing employee confrontations with organized retail crime gangs

The ROI for the retailers, is in general less than 12 months. Less than 5 apprehensions will match the cost of a ApparelGuard installation.

Magnets are used for heavy shoplifting by all organized retail crime gangs. They use magnets in order to remove tags and thereby the not activate the EAS Security systems, when leaving the retail store with stolen goods. Usually the tags are left behind the fitting rooms, or mounted to other fashion items.

MTC also offers a low entry Fitting Room Security used only as a preventive solution.

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