NEW: ApparelGuard

Apparelguard is installed in fittingrooms and detects illegal detachers.

Apparelguard is designed to detect all movements on illegal detachers in fittingrooms.

Apparelguard takes magnet detection to a new level, and also we are detecting the illegal detachers where they are used, in the fittingrooms.

Apparelguard utilizes the same high-end technology as Metalguard and Hyperguard. Apparelguard is installed at apparel retailers all over the world, that are challenged by illlegal detachers being used in the fittingrooms, in order to remove the hard-tags.

Apparelguard uses Cat5e cables to power each antenna, and can power maximum 11 antennas from the controller.
The controller is adjustable from the PC, where you can make all the adjustments needed in order to satisfy the retailers

Apparelguard focusses on detecting detachers with size equal to or above XT, Superlock and Hyperlock.

Antenna distances:
  • Maximum distance is 1,4 meters between each antenna box (aisles width in the fittingroom).
  • Each controller can power maximum 11 antennas, covering 10 fittingrooms.
  • Maximum distance for antenna cable is 40 meters from the controller to the last antenna.
  • Retailers can use 3 dry relay contacts as alarm outputs, using maximum DC 24V, or push the alarms to EAS controller using API.

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