Crystal RF Mono

Ideal for checkouts in supermarkets, the CRYSTAL RF System stands for superior detection and good looks. Combining the looks of a full acrylic antenne in combination with robust aluminum frames lets it blend in into the stores interior.

The Crystal Mono is a plug & play system to install. The system will auto-sync, adjusting to its enviroment and other RF systems. This results in less cables, quick installation and close-to-zero support.

The Crystal Mono dual design combines the best of both worlds and is ideal for all possible retail solutions like Supermarkets, DIY stores, drugstores, garmentshops and shoppingmalls.

The antenna front and back covers are typicaly designed to avoid trolleys bumping directly into the antenna.

The antenna lights up completely when active in red or blue and when in alarm, it changes color in combination with a loud beeper sound.