EAS Technology

What actually is traditional EAS and how does it work?

Shoplifting has always been a problem for retailers, and it has been from the beginning of time. But, technology has given us with new tools to address this issue, and one such approach is Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS). EAS is a retail security technology that is intended to prevent theft. It employs tags and labels that transmit signals when they pass through a detection system situated at the store’s exit, causing an alarm to sound if the item is not deactivated or removed by a sales associate. This article will examine how EAS may assist merchants in preventing stealing and protecting their goods.

How EAS works

The EAS system is made up of three parts: a security tag or label, a detection system, and a deactivation system. The security tag or label is applied on the item that needs to be safeguarded, which is typically the product packaging or the item itself. If the tag passes through the detecting system without being deactivated or removed, an alarm is triggered.

The detection system consists of antennas positioned at the store’s entry or exit that broadcast and receive radio waves in order to identify the presence of security tags. An alert will be triggered if a tag with an active sensor passes past the antennae. The deactivation system is used to remove or disable the sensor so that the tag does not trigger the alarm.

Benefits of EAS

EAS systems provide various advantages to retailers wanting to reduce stealing. For starters, it serves as a deterrent to potential burglars. They are less likely to steal from a store if they notice that it has an EAS system in place. Second, it assists retailers in detecting theft as it occurs. The alarm will sound, and the employees will be able to respond swiftly to prevent the theft. Finally, it allows shops to reduce theft-related losses, saving money and protecting inventory. Finally, EAS is simple to use, and staff can operate the system with minimal training.

Types of EAS

There are several types of EAS systems available, including:

  • Acousto-Magnetic (AM) Systems: This is a popular system that uses a magnetic field and acoustical signal to detect tags. It has a high detection rate and works well with most types of products.


For merchants wishing to prevent stealing and secure their goods, EAS is an efficient option. Retailers can rapidly identify and prevent theft by employing tags or labels and a detection system. The system is simple to use and can be tailored to a store’s specific requirements. Retailers may reduce theft-related losses, prevent potential criminals, and provide a safe shopping environment for their consumers by using the correct EAS system.

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