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RFID concealed detection

Our floor antennas offers world leading, high-performance theft prevention and loss detection in vertical RFID UHF reading and is designed for indoor but also for outdoor applications. Our concealed loss prevention solution is embedded into the shop floor. They blend into the store design but at the same time offer an exceptionally detection performance. 

No backfield
Our invisible floor antennas are characterized by the lack of side detection. This allows tagged goods to be close to the entrance for more an earlier interaction with the store visitor.

Made in Germany
Our RFID antennas are produced in our own factory in Germany. They are made of a durable, flexible material so they can be easily integrated into any floor. We offer 3 fixed sizes so that every passage width can be secured without problems.

Heavy duty
Although the RFID floor antennas are mostly used within the retail market, it was taken into account that they should be applicable in different sectors. They are IP68 classified and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Easy connection
The Floor antennas are able to be connected to any RFID controller.

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