Security Systems

Optimum RF

The Optimum RF EAS System is a system operating at 8.2 MHz. Available as a Mono or Dual System configuration, both systems share the same high-end profile design combined with quality plexiglass.

The OPTIMUM offers superior detection and is ideal for retailers using RF paper labels. The OPTIMUM Black Series are compatible with all available 8.2 MHz labels and tags.

Remote system management
All MTC RF Dual systems are easily installed and tuned through software. Remote tuning capability reduces maintenance costs and downtime.

Black Line Series
The Black Line Series treasures all the technological innovations and features of MTC EAS Systems but with an original and stylish black look.

Advertising Booklets
Every antenna can optionally be equipped with 2 advertising booklets. Boosting in-store marketing campaigns never was this easy; advertising panels are inserted in just seconds!

Included featuresOptional features
No synch in mono setip neededBooster bag detection
Suitable to apply ad panels
RGB alarm light
Clear buzzer alarm
Robust plexiglass design
Superior electronics
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