Source Tagging

What is it?

Source tagging, the application of a soft- or hard tag to apparel at the point of manufacture, has increased in popularity as retailers have sought ways to eliminate tagging costs, reduce shrinkage and increase profitability. 
We work in conjunction with our business partners so you can provide proven source tagging options which make sense to your retail clients.

MTC source tagging program offers both ecofriendly sew-in soft tags and recyclable hard tag solutions. Our tags are secure, attractive, lightweight and easy to attach. Source tags enable retailers to display merchandise on the floor with confidence.


Helping retailers with Source Tagging...and help you, their trusted supplier, increase sales.

  • Reduce shrinkage from shoplifting and internal theft

  • Eliminate labor costs associated with in-store tagging

  • Increase focus on customer service

  • Speed products to selling floor which increase sales

  • Ensure tagging compliance

  • Reduce out of stocks

  • Improve security throughout the supply chain

  • Improve merchandising opportunities; protect any type of apparel

  • Boost profit per square foot

  • Prevent fraudulent returns by checking for live tags

  • Reduce waste and meets “green” initiatives

Partner with MTC EAS to streamline your customers supply chain and increase their profitability



        From our factory

To apparel manufacturer

To your customers store.

Source Tagging Purchase Process


1.  overseas Purchasing Platform
2.   fill in information to login
3.   enter to user platform
4.   enter to purchase platform
5.   get product information
6.   buy the product
7.   take the product to the purchase cart
8.   completing the product selection, enter purchase cart platform 
9.   fill in the purchase information
10. fill in contact- and invoice information
11. check if this information will be save as order mode

12. save all information
13. optail vendor contact and sales information
14. after confirming the order information, return to the user center
15. orderlist
16. edit purchase order or print invoice
17. ordering information
18. online order-surveillance


You want more information to the Source-Tagging Program of MTC please contact us.