MTC Rondo RF Series

The MTC Rondo (Mono) 8.2 Mhz antenna system is the best entry model system available on the market today, powered by superior, original MTC Electronics.


The Rondo Mono is a plug & play system to install. The system will auto-sync, adjusting to its enviroment and other RF systems. This results in less cables, quick installation and close-to-zero support.


The Rondo Mono is of simple design but maximum effectiveness and is ideal for all possible retail solutions like Supermarkets, DIY stores, drugstores, garment shops and shopping malls. The totally new design of aluminium profiles fits perfectly into any modern retail environment.

Trolley Bumper

MTC provides various accessories for security products. One of them is the trolley bumper. Trolley bumpers give extra protection to the system itself.

MTC EAS, retail security, loss prevention, RF