Concealed Floor Loop

The concealed AM floor loop detection system is installed into the shop floor, maximizing the full potential of an open store entrance. With reliable, outstanding detection it’s the choice of many retailer looking for an invisible anti-theft system.

Fully scalable
The conclealed AM floor loop is designed in a way to be scalable to fit in all doorways and secure up to 4m.

No receiver coils
Even on bigger entrances the concealed AM floor loop guarantees an outstanding detection of both labels and ferrite tags. There is no need to install additional receiver coils.

Easy installation
Installation of a floor system has never been easier since the system only consists out of 1 loop and 1 controller. The loop has potential to secure doorways 2m, 3m or 4m.

Auto Synch
Part of an easy installation process is automatic synchronization. The concealed AM floor system automatically adjust to its prefered settings based on its actual loop size.

Connected system
As with all the MTC AM systems the concealed AM floor loop also has the option to be equipped with a TCP/IP module, making it a connected system.