RFID Printing

MTC Printing is a cloud-based RFID encoding and printing system, that comprises 4 elements:

  • RFID printer

  • handheld reader

  • software module

  • cloud-based software

Our printing is optimized to accurately and efficiently print and encode labels for multiple tracking applications. It directly uploads the data to the cloud.

It is easy and quick to manage from any location around the globe through cloud based software. It prints and encodes hundreds or thousands of RFID tags at retail stores, offices, distribution centers, warehouses, or other spaces.

Together with MTC Scanning, MTC Printing offers a complete encoding solution.

MTC Printing is plug & play. It does not require any external computer, nor any installation. It only needs to be powered and connected to WiFi or to Ethernet, and it starts printing and encoding tags.

Business benefits of MTC Printing:

  • Easy, fast and effective printing and encoding

  • Connected to the cloud

  • No need of a local computer nor local software

  • Prints anywhere

  • Convenient to manage from any location

  • Plug and play