RFID Overhead Antenna

RFID Overhead Antenna

The RFID Overhead Antenna is an anti-theft / loss prevention system based on RFID UHF. It comprises an antenna with an embedded reader, controller and alarm combining EAS and RFID functions in one system.

The RFID Overhead Antenna detects the tagged items that pass below the antenna, verify if those items have been paid, and sounds an alarm if any item has not been paid.

The RFID Overhead Antenna comprises a master unit and several slave units:

The master unit has an integrated reader, a controller, an alarm, a visual alarm indicator and one directive antenna.
Each slave unit comprises one directive antenna and a visual alarm indicator. By using The RFID Overhead Antenna it is no longer necessary to install two technologies for using EAS and RFID functions in one single shop.


Business benefits of RFID Overhead Antenna :

  • Combination of EAS and RFID in one system, which reduces labeling costs

  • Improved store aesthetics, by having an open entrance area in the shop (no antennas on the floor)

  • Improved customer experience, since tags are very thin and can be embedded in labels (for apparel). This allows the custo

    mer to try on a garment without suffering the annoyance of a traditional EAS mechanisms

  • Shrinkage reduction

  • Provides data to detect which products suffer more theft attempts, which allows to take corrective actions

  • Statistics of EAS alarms

  • Plug and play installation