NEW: AlertSystems App will continuously be providing updated support for all partners of Alert Systems.The App is delivering support to all installs, in both PDF and videos, and all data is available offline on order to secure 24/7 support. The App requires creation of username/password and following approval from Alert Systems.

We are proud to announch that Alert Systems has has choosen MTC EAS to be their regional Master Distributor for Europe, Middle-East and Africa.


As of the 1st of January 2015, MTC EAS handles the sales, service, logistics, first level support and invoicing across all existing and new small/medium partners in the EMEA region. 

This shift in their distibution model lets Alert Systems continue to focus on innovation, R&D and handling of their global enterprise partners but still ensuring the proper handling of orders and service as their existing partners are used. 

We thank Alert Systems for their trust in MTC EAS and look forward to an even stronger relationship going forward. 

Contact info@easpartners.com for the full product overview. 

Alert HyperGuard: Establishing a new class of its own. Fighting professional shoplifting made with tinfoil lined bags, illegal detachers and magnets.


NO more theft with tinfoil lined bags
NO more opening of security tags with illegal detachers or magnets
NO problems with “false alarms” from metal shopping trolleys
NO problems with installations up to any door

1st class metal detection secures, better than any existing solution, detection of even the smartest “booster-baggers” with their tinfoil-lined bags and pockets.

Effective detection of magnets and detachers based on revolutionary new technology. An effective stop also to the many shoplifters using strong magnets or illegal detachers to open security tags.

100% exclusion of metal shopping-trolleys makes it the perfect solution to all super- /hypermarkets wanting to eliminate the losses caused by booster-baggers and people with magnets and illegal detachers.

Metal/HyperGuard Features HyperGuard Brochure

Get to know Hyperguard

Alert Systems has made a very usefull product video, demonstrating their new Hyperguard


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