Coronavirus update


Valued customers and partners,

The past few weeks have been filled with uncertainty and the coronavirus is affecting all of our families, our businesses and our way of life. It is during this time that we want to reach out and give you an update on how we are approaching this situation today and how we prepare for tomorrow. 

At-home service

The safety of our employees and our customers is our top priority. At MTC and EAS Europe, as certainly at your companies, we have encouraged our employees to work from home as much as they can. 

Though our work environments have changed, our commitment to you and your business remains the same. This situation results in more digital communications but also that, for example, all in-house product trainings are postponed to a later time period or adjusted to virtual meetings. 

Pick-up & delivery

Orders are still processed but dispatched only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This due to the physical distancing protocols we took in action at our warehouse. 

Preparing for tomorrow

As we are continuing to monitor the pandemic situation and any additional restrictions this might bring, we are also looking to the future to see how we will be able to provide the services you are used to. 

Our goal is and always will be to be proactive when it comes to customer communications and order processes. For both MTC and EAS Europe we have used the last couple of weeks to re-stock our warehouse. When the physical distancing protocols have been lifted we are able again to maintain our next-day-shipping service on all our security products. This means that all EAS accessories through EAS Europe are on stock in high volumes and through MTC all the RF, AM and RFID loss prevention solutions are available upon request. 

For more information on the product portfolio please visit or

On behalf of all of us at MTC and EAS Europe, we’re committed to being your partner in all the days and years ahead. Please contact your MTC or EAS Europe representative should you have any questions or concerns. 

Thank you for your continued partnership.

MTC EAS | EAS Europe