Concept Tag


Major European retailer sees losses reduced by 66%

The Concept Tag has been seven years in development, the final two years of which saw JD Sports help test and perfect the technology to eradicate the problem of illicit tag removal.

Initially, 15,000 Concept Tags were introduced into the retailer’s Stratford store, where several improvements were made over a 18 month period to perfect the design. As a result, illicit tag removal was totally eradicated and criminal activity was moved away to other stores.

Subsequently, JD Sports installed the tags in its brand new flagship Oxford Street store. When measured against an average store, losses were reduced by 50%. But this is no average store; with over 35,000 sq ft spread over 3 floors, 65,000 Concept Tags were in use.

Finally, the trial was extended to seven regional flagship stores across the UK and Europe. The first store to be counted was at the Trafford Centre, where traditional tags were swapped for Concept Tags. Like-for-like results saw losses reduced by 66%.

Almost impenetrable design

The Concept Tag is unyielding when faced with shoplifters. The almost impenetrable anti-theft design makes it resistant to even the most determined thieves. At the 2015 Retail Fraud Conference in London, Tony Sales, dubbed “Britain’s Greatest Fraudster”, admitted he hadn’t managed to find a way to illicitly remove a Concept Tag without damaging the garment, either in-store or elsewhere.
Unique locking mechanism

The Concept Tag has a locking mechanism that’s removed in a totally unique way. It’s almost impossible to replicate the way in which the security tag is removed; trying to force the tag off would require more than 50kgs of pressure. It’s simply not possible to put this amount of pressure through an implement such as a screwdriver whilst holding a tag. Such attempts result in damage to the garment or potential injury to the thief.
Health & Safety advantages

There’s a significant Health and Safety advantage as well. Pins from tags will no longer be left on the floor or in pockets or hoods. This has been a major problem for retailers, with customers pricking themselves on the discarded pins which have been removed by thieves after they’ve stolen items from the store.

For years the apparent ease with which security tag releasers can be bought on the internet has resulted in a dramatic increase in retail stock loss.

Many retailers are reporting that losses directly resulting from this tactic are increasing rapidly, with some disclosing figures as high as 30% or more. This hasn’t been helped by high profile TV shows highlighting how easy it is to get hold of these detachers.

Now, the revolutionary design of the Concept Tag will reverse the problem of “illicit tag removal”, and is the most exciting advance in EAS tagging for over 30 years.